The amount of power, clarity, and confidence I feel is beyond measure. Holly has a true gift to allow people to pour from their higher selves and see their true potential. I cannot imagine my life going forward had Holly and I not been connected through some very inspiring and amazing people. 


Holly isn't just a phenomenal person, who loves her "job", but she is an inspiring woman, who can look at every person and see their potential. She brings you into her light, and allows you to start shining your own. 


Holly - Thank you so much for your work with me. I feel that I am so fortunate to have even had 1 interaction with you. You are an inspiration and have changed my life. I cannot wait to see what unravels as I continue to explore my new view of life (that you've guided me to see through). 

Shining bright, 

M.L. – Applied Kinesiology Minneapolis MN 

Before seeing Holly, I was insecure about my choices, unsure of where I wanted to go with my life and career, and was extremely scared about taking a stride towards bettering myself. After just one session with Holly, I discovered some real truths about myself and was able to see into my full potential. Though I was still uneasy about actually giving myself permission to explore that. AND it was made clear that I truly care of my decisions and how people are going to react to them, as well as how it will affect their life. 


After my second session with Holly, I was able to see that I have all of the power and confidence to actually make those dreams a reality. We determined what was holding me back and how to eliminate that barrier. She gives you amazing 1:1 support and truly cares about how you are doing. After this conversation I felt as though 100lbs had been lifted off of my back. Honestly, it was like I had been wearing this weighted jacket around for my whole life and through this work, Holly empowered me to remove it. Holy LIFE CHANGER!  

I don't even know where to begin with my testimonial. I cannot say enough amazing things about Holly! 


Holly is the first life coach I've ever had and I'm so, so happy I decided to jump and move forward with the process. Holly gave me different perspectives, ones I'd never thought about before. In literally 12 days I was seeing significant changes in myself which affected the world around me. Holly listened to me, understood me, explained things I wouldn't have thought about without her, and most importantly, she helped me get my life back!!! 


The mind is a very powerful thing and had she not helped me to get a grip on it, I wouldn't be where I am today. I've learned to give myself self-compassion and love. I've learned to be bold, be true to myself, and how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable! We won't get anywhere in life if we stay comfortable - we have to jump into the unknown! 


Thank you so much, Holly!!! I love you!


A.R. – Personal Trainer and Interior Decorator- Atlanta, GA

Did you know that I see a #lifecoach ? Yes @holly_couch may be one of my best friends, but doesn’t everyone want a certified life coach as a best friend?! Holly has been on this coaching journey now for quite some time and I used to just support her as a friend... but I’ve come to realize that her coaching sessions are incredible valuable to me!!! I even have to pay her no friend discount! Holly has helped me immensely with my personal and especially my business life! She helps me to make difficult decisions and to stand in my power. Love me some Holly Couch!!


S. D.  Chiropractor & Yoga Instructor Atlanta, GA