The butterfly is a beautiful symbol of powerful transformation. A caterpillar goes into its chrysalis for about eleven days and sets everything once known aside to emerge into a new way of being. We have to let go of the old caterpillar stories that no longer serve us so that we can become the butterflies that the world is waiting for. When we play small and ignore our passions, we do ourselves and the world a huge disservice. I get excited when my clients are willing to do the deep inner work to see what is trying to emerge out of them. Do you have the feeling that there is an influential, purpose-driven, self-assured, strong and sexy person deep inside of you just screaming to get out? This feeling is precisely why I was willing to have challenging, profound, and powerful conversations with my personal coach. My life is forever changed because of the life coaching process and because I’ve experienced transformation for myself, it is my intention to serve, co-create, inspire and release the butterflies into a considerable ripple effect of purpose-driven human beings, who have fearlessly stepped into their greatness and are ready to bring their gift to the world. My passion and purpose in life are to collect and share wisdom so that I can be an empowering co-creator in your life. I never ask my clients to do anything that I have not been willing to do myself.